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Union Contractors Council


The Union Contractors Council (UCC) is composed of unionized general contractors and subcontractors who share the common concerns of advancing union construction and addressing critical industry issues which impact union contractors.

UCC's Purpose

  • To promote union contractors and union construction
  • To provide a platform for union contractors to address issues impacting the union segment of the industry
  • To provide a means of networking for union general contractors and union subcontractors
  • To exchange ideas and knowledge through educational programs
  • To seek solutions to our industry problems together


Requirements For Membership

  1. Must be a member of BIASC
  2. Must operate as a general contractor or subcontractor 
  3. Must possess an active contractor’s license
  4. Must be signatory to a construction trade labor agreement or must be a union contractor organization



$225 per year per company

To be paid at the same time as BIA membership dues. The company’s dues allow for participation by all personnel, with the exception of a union contractor organization, which is limited to participation by their executive director and president.

Quarterly at 6:30 p.m., consisting of a social hour, dinner, update on status of union issues and a program on a current topic that affects union contractors, presented by industry experts.

For more information on UCC or to become a member, contact BIASC Labor Representative at (714) 287-8062 or email